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Emergency Measures


1. Wallets, Purses, Keys
2. Prescription Medications
3. Valuables
4. Emergency Kit
5. Personal Identification
6. Cell Phone
7. Pets; Leash, Food & Water
8. Water & Electricity Off If So Instructed
9. Lock The Door

1. Siren Sounds For Two Or Three Minutes – Fire
2. Siren Sounds Continuously – Take Shelter
3. Siren On And Off – All Clear
1. Stay Indoors
2. Shut Off All Ventilation Devices
3. Close & Seal Doors & Windows
4. Close Fireplaces
5. Drink Bottled Liquids From Sealed Containers
6. Eat Food From Sealed Containers
The East Interlake Emergency Measures Region (EIEMR) consists of two partners; Winnipeg Beach and Gimli, and is governed by a Board representing the Councils of each of the communities. The purpose of the organization is to prepare for and manage serious emergencies or disasters. On a day-to-day basis, the program is administered by the Municipal Emergency Coordinator under the supervision of the East Interlake Emergency Measures Board.

Manitoba's Interlake is ‘low risk’ for many of the natural phenomena that create problems in other parts of the world. The most likely emergency event is one caused by severe weather - tornado, blizzard, flood or ice storm, and/or a loss of electrical service. Manmade situations such as a hazardous materials spill or serious fire could also impact us. Recently, the threat of an infectious disease pandemic has become a concern.

You can help yourself by preparing for an emergency. Experts recommend that in an emergency situation residents be prepared to be self-sufficient for 72 hours. For seniors, it is important to have a ‘support system’. For further information, refer to

To receive warning of severe weather, residents should monitor Environment Canada’s Weather Radio broadcast station on frequencies 162.400 MHz, 162.550 MHz, or visit "Warnings” on the Environment Canada website at

Warnings, including those for non-weather related emergencies, may be broadcast over commercial radio and television stations, and, in some cases, by emergency vehicle loudspeaker. If the Gimli Fire Department siren is sounded continuously, danger is imminent. Seek shelter.

In the event of a hazardous materials spill, a fire or other event, you may be required to evacuate your residence. Refer to the Evacuation Checklist on this page and see If you are told to ‘shelter-in-place’ follow the instructions on this page.

Some situations will necessitate the use of volunteers. Persons with experience in social services, command post operations, police, medical, fire, military or similar service are invited to volunteer by submitting their names to the Municipal Emergency Coordinator. Training will be provided for those selected to assist in critical positions.
For further information or to contact us, call the Municipal Office or email the Municipal Emergency Coordinator at