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Municipal Council

The RM of Gimli Council is elected for a four-year term to set policies and provide municipal governance.Council
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Mayor Lynn Greenberg
Chair of Community Service
Cell: (204) 641-2205
Email Lynn Greenberg
Rural Municipality of Gimli Councillor Liaisons 2018 - 2022:
Councillor Cody Magnusson - Chair of Economic Development & Planning
Area 4: North side of Lake Forest Road to South side of Boundary Road
Cell: (204) 407-8883         Email Cody Magnusson

Deputy Mayor Richard Petrowski - Chair of Finance & Administration
Area 3: North side of PR231 to South side of Lake Forest Road
Cell: (204) 642-3237          Email Richard Petrowski

Councillor Peter Holfeuer - Chair of Public Safety & Recreation
Area 2: North side of Willow Creek Road to South side of PR231
Cell: (204) 407-6017          Email Peter Holfeuer

Councillor Thora Palson - Chair of Public Works
Area 1: North side of PR229 to South side of Willow Creek Road
Cell: (204) 641-5481          Email Thora Palson
Council Correspondence – Public Documentation
Given the public nature of council and committee meetings, any person submitting correspondence to council or the administration of a municipality should have a reasonable expectation that the correspondence, including personal information such as the writers name and address, could be disclosed at a council meeting. A copy of the correspondence may also be disclosed to a third party, including media, if requested.

Council Meeting Schedule

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