Interlake Communications Cooperative

Established in 1984, the Interlake Communication Cooperative Ltd. (the CO-OP) was formed to take over operations of the community cable service of the former Town of Gimli, previously provided by Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. (MTS) In addition to the regular service fees, every subscriber pays an initial $1.00 membership fee and thus becomes a "shareholder" member of the CO-OP.
Each year, at an annual general membership meeting, the members present elect representatives to the CO-OP's eight member Board of Directors for a term of three years. In order to maintain continuity, the terms for the directors are interspaced, so that the majority of the board remains in place from one year to the next. Still largely a volunteer organization, the CO-OP employs only two part-time employees and does not maintain a store-front office.
You can find more information by calling (204)642-5038