North Regional Sewer System Proposal

Further Information on North Regional Forcemain Proposal
The Municipality’s intention in providing preliminary information on the North Forcemain was to provide information ONLY based on a specific request as to the costs of a sewer system for a northern subdivision.
The Municipality has never forced a sewer system onto a subdivision and has only moved forward with a proposal for sewer servicing based on a majority request from the property owners in the subdivisions. The information provided on the North Regional Forcemain was strictly for information.
Administration hopes the explanation provided clarifies the Municipality’s intent in bringing the information forward at this time.
Dated this 29th day of August, 2014
Joann King, CMMA
Chief Administrative Officer
Below is an outline of information discussed at the open house held on July 26th.
On July 26th the Municipality along with Dillion Consulting held an open house to discuss the potential impact of a municipal sewer system in the north, between the areas of Camp Morton and Silver Harbour and the properties along PR 222 and east to Lake Winnipeg. The purpose of the open house was only to provide preliminary information to the residents.
Project Components & Estimated Costs
1.Project Includes:

•Low Pressure Sewermains (LPS), including service connections to property lines. The LPS conveys liquid from each area to the Regional Lift Station
•Lift Station (LS): Location to be determined
•Forcemain (FM) to covey the liquid from the LS to Gimli’s wastewater treatment plant at the Industrial Park
•Gimli’s wastewater treatment plant is licensed to meet the nutrient reduction standards
2.Estimated Costs:

•Per lot cost of $12,500; excluding potential grants from senior Governments
•On property costs, in addition to above costs: $3,000 to $6,000

3. Contact us:
By phone or in writing:   204-642-6650,  email ,  PO Box 1246,Gimli, MB R0C 1B0,
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