South Regional Sewer Forcemain

The South Regional Sewer Forcemain project is for the installation of a Sewer Forcemain that will run to the south boundary of the Municipality. Individual property connections cannot be made to a Forcemain.
The cost of the South Regional Sewer Forcemain is $6,496,000 with grant of $4,330,666 coming from the Federal and Provincial Government. Therefore the net cost to the Municipality for the Forcemain project is $2,165,334.
In order to meet the program deadlines it is important that the project begin by October 30, 2013.
The potential tax impact for the South Regional Sewer Forcemain on a residential property located in the southern region of the Municipality, with an assessed value of $230,000 (land $30,000 / building $200,000) would result in an annual payment of $48.54 for 25 years.
To address some of the RUMOURS circulating; the TRUE FACTS are:
Council of today has never suggested anything about forcing rate payers to hook up to the sewer forcemain; nor will they at a later date.
*Public Hearing Date: August 16, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the Gimli Recreation Centre. 
**Due to poor weather conditions, the Municipal Board has rescheduled the Municipal Board Hearings for By-law 13-0011, South Regional Sewer Forcemain,  to  January 8th and 9th, 2014. The January 8/14 hearing will be held at the Canad Inn Garden City in Winnipeg at 7:00 pm and the January 9/14 hearing will be at the Gimli New Horizon Centre in Gimli at 7:00 pm.**
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